Looking Back on 2011

Looking back on 2011, it's been a pretty awesome year for me.  I have no complaints at all.  I knew this road was going to be long and hard and don't get me wrong, it is but I have to say that I've been extremely blessed and I'm motivated more than ever and willing to work even harder if that's what it takes.

Where I'm headed exactly is up to fate but I know where I've been and the lessons I've learned especially in the last few years have been priceless.  I've been lucky in that I've had some really good people over beside me telling me what to do and giving me some great advice but some don't have that so I'm very blessed in that manner.

Well, let's see, the highlight of the year had to be singing on stage with Charlie Daniels and his band in Las Vegas.  I would have never in a million years dreamed that I would do that - I've always been a huge Charlie Daniels fan but didn't see that one coming right down to sitting on the side of the stage and watching Charlie tell his stage manager something then watching him walk over to me....it was all in slow motion and very cool to remember it happening.

My favorite movie of the year has to be "Burlesque" which I know is a 2010 film but I just saw it this past year for the first time.  When I need some extra motivation, I just watch that movie and eat my favorite foods.  

My favorite miracle of the year is that my keyboard player, Tim Sidden, is still with us here on earth after his near death experience on the operating table this past year.  He is such a great mentor of mine and close friend too, I couldn't have handled losing him this year or any year for that matter.  

My favorite magazine of the year has to be, of course, K*Chele Magazine, one because I was on the cover and two because I think you'll see that magazine do wonders in 2012 - did I say wonders? It could be rather revealing...so you might wanna stay in touch with her on Facebook.  

My favorite song of the year is "Home Boy" simply because it rings true for someone I know who needs to get his heart right.

My favorite National Anthem of the year has to be the one I sang at Kansas Speedway.  What an awesome sound system they have and for a singer, singing through a system like that creates a feeling that is not of this world.

Some of my 'First Times' this year were: being the co-host of a radio show (Nightride), singing the National Anthem at an Nascar ARCA Race (Kansas Speedway), Singing the National Anthem for over 46,500 people at one time (Kansas Speedway), performing in Las Vegas, being on stage with a country legend (Charlie Daniels), winning the Carolina Music Awards (Female Country Artist of the Year), being in a celebrity basketball game (Bowman Gray Celebrity Tournament), being on a Bojanlges trayliner (52 Locations throughout NC for four weeks), and performing at the hottest charity event of the year (July 30th Make-A-Wish over 100 degrees).

So many people to thank, the best husband in the world - Mike Jones, my awesome daughter who puts up with my crazy schedule - some call her "The Onion", Rocky the awesome driver and friend, Bojangles' Restaurants, Inc. and Hugh Quinn of the Advance, NC Store, John Nickels my awesome guitar player, Phil Martin, Tim Sidden, Jimmy Church, Rickie Church, Corky McClellan, Brian Stone, Todd Castevens, Sarah Anderson, Gene "The Breeze", Kim Durham, K*Chele Magazine, Bobby Plowman, Uncle Bob's Foods, LLC, LaVida Massage of Clemmons, Modern Toyota, Toyota Rent-a-Car, Island Tans of Winston-Salem, Avesta & Bobby Everhart who are at every show along with my child's other mother, Sanudra Eason and her husband Phil Eason who comes to every show with something smart a-- to say to me..lol jk, love ya Phil, Tom McCulloh Photography, Kristi Darr Photography, Thomas Lynch, The Bo Time Thursday morning crew, Cheryle Parrish, Joyce Welch, Clifton Lambreth, Jan Fowler, Rick Famrer, Brent Naylor, Evelyn Huffman, Jeff & Lisa Cranfill, Tim McIntosh, Bowers Entertainment, Deros Wallpaper of Clemmons, Make-A-Wish of the Triad and Western North Carolina, Don Timmons, Anna Howell, Ellen Richardson, Nate McGee, Michael Wells Jr, Danny McIntosh, Randy Stubbs, John Meadows, Gil Cunningham, Ben Harris, Bruce Watkins, Jeff Haste, Debbie & Bobby Locke, WKML Radio of Fayetteville, NC, Deano, Aunt Elouise, Cousin Andy, Derrick Davis, Doug Davis, Pat Reese, and I'm sure I've left someone out and I'm so sorry but I tried to remember everyone.  Love you all so much and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Happy New Year!! I'm excited for what's in store and thankful for the relationships created this past year.