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My Uncle Bob’s Experience 

Well I’ve been waiting sometime now to be able to tell this story so here it is….

A few months back, I received a FB message from Bobby Plowman, owner of Uncle Bob’s Foods, LLC about him being interested in a sponsorship agreement with me. Bobby had heard my song "Tall Dark and Lonesome" on the Radio (WKML 95.7 Fayetteville, NC), that's what made him contact me. I took his email like most of the emails I get, with a grain of salt, and emailed him back and told him when I was available to meet him.  One…

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Rehearsal Last Night! 

Awesome rehearsal last night with my friend, Leigh Anne Groves and John Nickels. Leigh Anne came over to sing background vocals and we ended up having a blast. You can listen to some of that rehearsal inside "Tammie's Club", just click and join. It's Free and you'll get a free download just for joining. We laughed pretty much the entire time, it's a wonder we got any rehearsal in at all. You'll have to hear her song "You Might Throw-up", not the only one she made up off the cuff last night. She's joining us… Read more